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Welcome to our New Web Site!

Here you will find out who we are, what we are doing
and some information to help you e.g. with your mobile phone.

Via the menu on top you can visit our three main areas
where we are active right now:

Our Authorised Service Centres for Mobile Phones,
our IT and Communication Services for Small to Medium Offices,
and our various Internet Services to support your operations.

We have to admit, that this website is not really a priority for us.
Our customers are only local, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City,
and word of mouth from satisfied customers has been our best advertising
and helped us to grow steadily over the last years.

We had our first website back in 1998 already
- as one of the first small private companies in Vietnam -
first as www.opticom.8m.com, then as www.opticom.v-nam.net,
but those pages are meanwhile very outdated,
and this new site will need some more time until all the gaps are filled.
We appreciate your understanding and invite you to check back from time to time.

This site is optimized for slow download speeds in Vietnam, and has therefore few graphics, etc.

(cc) 1998 - 2006 Opticom Technologies Ltd. - Some rights reserved: Attribution License by creativecommons.org
Comments, corrections, etc. are appreciated by the Webmaster.